Bikram Paudel (Founder/Managing Director) – Bikram is a founder and the MD of Super Holiday Trip. He started the company in 2017 after working long time as a social worker, tourism & voluntary organization and in Media.  He is so proud of his country’s natural beauty and history. This is one of the reason he started the company. He also strongly believes that tourism could be a leading industry in Nepal which could generate both foreign currency and job opportunities for the locals. He has linked his tourism activities to the local communities so that the community could take maximum benefit through his organization. 
Backgound: Mardi Himal trek ( Annapurna region)                                                                                                                                                  Prakash Silwal-(founder member/ trekking head) He is a social worker, tourism entrepreneur and mountain guide. He loves trekking and climbing that’s why he got involved with Super Holiday Trip.  

Besides Bikram and Prakash Super Holiday Trip has about 5 members in the team. But during the pick season we hire up to 15 local guides, mountain guide, nature guide and road trip coordinators.